Project Summary: During my time at elsewhere, I was contracted to design both a postcard and a logo for an endowment fund. I also assisted in providing graphics for some of the programing that the museum hosted. 

Year: 2021
Client: Elsewhere Museum, Andy Warhol Foundation.
Medium: Logo Design
Programs: Photo Shop, Illustrator
& Clip Studio Paint

The postcard was created using various surfaces that can be found throughout the museum. This was made to reference the tactile nature of the museum with the color palate being used to visualize it’s abstract ambience.  

The Pivotal Fund was the precursor of the Snapdragon Fund. VAE Raleigh and Elsewhere had partnered with the Andy Warhol Foundation to create a North Carolina based endowment primarily intended for marginalized artist.  The various typefaces & textures incorporated into the logo aim to indicate that differences to approach and backgrounds are welcome to apply.  

The Covid Confessatorium was launched as a piece of virtual programing to close an engagement gap left in the wake of the pandemic. The original Confessatorium was made by Amber PB, a former artist resident, and allowed museum guest to participate in a public journal.  I used some of the pages and overlapped them to use as a promotional image for the event.
Lastly, I assisted Elsewhere in some event flyers.  The typeface used in both flyers was created by the elsewhere resident
Mia Cinelli.