Project Summary: A submission for the Protect Black Freedom publication. “Protect Black Freedom is a campaign focused on shifting the material conditions of Black people in North Carolina through community building, relational organizing, and civic engagement” -NCBLOCK

Year: 2022
Client: NC BLOC
Medium: Digital Collage & Photo Editing
Programs: Photoshop & Illustrator

I was tasked to respond to the prompt relating to “Freedom to thrive in our own communities”. I chose Tulsa Ok, and other cites decimated during the red summer of 1919 as the focal point of this submission.


The features of symbolism:

  • The use of a black and white fence to reference segregation as an historic barrier. 

  • The reversal of a historic image depicting the destruction of Tulsa. Serving as a foundation of a more progressive future and  signifying an attempt to reconcile the violence of the past.

  • The orange roman columns relating to prison bars and the fading of institutionalized/Carceral racism within black communities.  

  • The redline being a more straight forward reference to the historically racist practice of redlining that continues to disrupt the existence of black communities across the country

  • Earth toned houses to visualize a myriad of black people participating in homeownership.

  • The gradient in the upper right corner is to symbolize a progressive future full of black and brown communities thriving.