Project Summary: Painting The Smokies was an exhibition that Illustrated the story of the opening of the Smoky Mountain National Park, while highlighting the lives of the residents and its surrounding communities.

Year: 2022
Client: Tennessee State Museum  
Medium: Digital Collage, Photo Editing, Typography, & Large Format Installation, Panel Design  
Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign, 
& Base Camp

The journey to the creation of the park is contextualized through the work of 5 separate artists with vastly different styles that help capture the development of the smoky mountain region.

Painting The Smokies was an incredible project that required frequent collaborations between the State Museum’s curatorial, communication, & exhibition department. There was also a need for collaborating with fabricators, large format printers, & history experts.  

The type family chosen was intended to reference both the time period and the surrounding communities with a sense of grandiosity and wonder befitting of the era. The color choices for the exhibit aimed to create separation, visual indicating different eras, while also creating a neutral background to let the narratives of the artifacts and people come to the forefront.