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    Press On                                Oct. 2023 - Jan.2023

    Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator                                                       Remote, U.S
  • Designed a coloring book for the Press On, venerating founding and active members of the organization.
  • Utilized line art and collaged images to create stylish coloring book illustrations.
  • Sourced and edited images to create a more visually appealing aesthetic.
  • Oversaw the formatting and typesetting of the publication.    

    Scalawag Magazine                                                                                                          March. 2023 - July. 2023

    Freelance Illustrator                                               Remote, U.S
  • Created digital portrait illustrations for the staff of Scalawag Magazine, a southern journalism publication.
  • Worked with staff members to source references that captured them in the best light.
  • Utilized Color theory to juxtapose grayscale illustrations to create a more memorable end product.

    VAE Raleigh                        Oct. 2022 –  Dec. 2022

    Freelance Graphic Designer                                                                Remote, U.S 
  • Designed the logo for the rebranding of a NC based Andy Warhol endowment fund geared towards serving 
  • marginalized communities in partnership with VAE Raleigh. Worked with VAE to dictate a logo that represented
  • the NC arts community, while also centering up and coming artists to ensure the endowment is approachable. 
  • Delivered multiple iterations & concepts over the course of the rounds to ensure appropriateness. 

    Tennessee State Museum            Oct. 2021 – Oct. 2022

    Graphic Designer              Nashville, TN
  • Served as the graphic designer for both the exhibition & marketing departments.
  • Created various graphics for the exhibitions and in house communications. 
  • Coordinated meetings and led in keeping project timeline goals in check. 
  • Oversaw and collaborated with various vendors for collateral fabrication and budgetary concerns.   

    NC Sierra Club           Oct. 2020 –  Jan. 2021 
    Freelance Graphic Designer                                                                Remote, U.S
  • Designed 3 separate brochures made by the Student organizers of the NC Sierra Club aimed at addressing the 
  • 2020 uprising centered around grief, policing, and food sovereignty. 
  • Designed both english and spanish translations for all 3 brochures.


North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University                                                     August, 2018 
BA in Visual Media Design                                                 Greensboro, NC


Ideation, Strategic Planning; Project Coordination, Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Branding Design, Print design, Typography, Photo Editing, Team Oriented, Solution Oriented.