Project Summary: Snapdragon is a rebranding of the pivotal fund, both of which are NC based endowments from the Andy Warhol Foundation in partnership with  VAE Raleigh.

      Year: 2022
      Client: VAE Raleigh , Andy Warhol Foundation
      Medium: Logo Design
      Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, & Clip Studio Paint 

      Snapdragon is meant to assist artist based in North Carolina, specifically marginalized individuals.

      The Staff of VAE constructed a proposal that sought to center Snapdragon flowers as a symbol of artist being able to flourish in North Carolina’s environment. I worked in collaboration with VAE to manifest a logo that was meant to be both memorable and approachable.

      For the initial round of the project, I pitched four separate designs:

      • The first was an attempt to simplify the complex silhouette into a geometric emblem.

      • The second was intended to be more illustrative and realistic to portray the flower with more fidelity.

      • The third was meant to be more abstracted and reductive in an attempt to symbolize the snapdragon with out having rely on anatomical fidelity.

      • The four was meant to be a visual metaphor using the snapdragon as a spine or supportive structure on an androgynous subject

      Ultimately, VAE chose to task me with creating a combination of the first three. My first decision was to address the difficulty of rendering the flower by finding a live specimen and studying it. 

      From there I took multiple angles of the flower and isolated petals with more readability to reference for the logo. I simplfied said references and did an illustrative draft before translating them into a more geometrical mark. 

      I referenced VAE’s PINK within the logo and kept the color palette for the flower consistent with a combination of reds/pinks, only alternating between greens of stems to give opportunity for more color in back ground. The type choices were all intended to convey a since of approachableness balanced by professional, ultimately Cervo Neue felt right for the staff.